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Genesis Alpha

The Reminder

Nobel Genes
"Skillfully interweaving science fiction and cyberspace into a murder mystery, Michaels gives readers a story that is not only difficult to put down but also poses questions that will linger long after the last page is turned. Stay tuned for more from this author." - Voya

"It's a story that will stay with you long after the covers have been closed, and is worthy of classroom discussion in schools all over the world — and if there's any justice, there will be just that. Highest recommendation." - R.J. Carter, The Trades

"...philosophical questions of free will, good and evil, and the ethics of reproductive science are at the core of this fascinating, troubling thriller." - Booklist

"... a fascinating and realistic page-turner, and virtually impossible to put down." - Kirkus

"... unforgettable protagonist.... terse and powerful sentences, realistic dialogue and gripping pace..." - Bulletin of the Center for Children's Books

"... a page-turner and fun to read, even with its dark and difficult themes..." - Library Media Connection

"...Rune Michaels has written a chillingly good thriller with GENESIS ALPHA. With action that never stops, a storyline that is all too believable, and flawless writing, she has managed to write a story that will captivate you from the first page." - TeensReadToo.com

"An adrenaline-charged thriller that also takes a fascinating and unflinching look at some difficult ethical issues, including the origins of good and evil. Genesis Alpha is dark, dangerous, and utterly riveting." - Kenneth Oppel, Michael L. Printz Honor-winning author of Airborn

"Genesis Alpha is an intriguing tale of one boy facing devastating revelations about his brother and himself. Grappling with age-old questions about good and evil - made even more complicated by modern technology - Josh has to come to terms with his own fate, intertwined with his brother's. Or does he?" - Margaret Peterson Haddix, author of Among the Hidden
"An outstanding look at the various ways a family cope with the death of their mother. It's incredibly moving, beautifully written, and everyone should read it - teens and adults alike. Top notch." - The Bookbag

"Daze's angst and emotional collapse are achingly authentic." - Children's Literature

"Blending shades of Margaret Peterson Haddix and Ray Bradbury with dark humor, Michaels tackles the mammoth topics of survivor guilt, parental death, alienation, and artificial intelligence in fewer than two hundred pages. The novel's main appeal will lie in Michaels's skillful handling of an uncommunicative family mired in sorrow. Daze's grief and denial are palpable, making her isolation and actions tragic yet oddly understandable." - VOYA

"Realistic first-person narration draws readers into this short, fast-paced read. The author's use of technology to spark the characters' emotional revelations provides a unique plot element to this part realistic, part science fiction tale." - School Library Journal

"An intriguing story about loss and survival, with elements of science fiction." - Booklist

"Depicting mental vulnerability alongside resilience, and packing a real punch with its twist, this is powerful writing" - Bookseller

"This is a tightly written, poignant story about loss and truth." - Kliatt

"This is an emotionally heavy story ... the author's sure hand at character development makes Daze's preoccupation sympathetic." - Bulletin for the Center for Children's Books

"THE REMINDER captures the feelings of loss and mourning perfectly, the gloom that hangs over Daisy's life running through every page. Yet it's far from depressing — it's a story of survival and hope, about living on and letting go. Readers will sympathize with Daisy's struggle, and follow the mystery eagerly to the final page. This is a thoughtful and thought-provoking look at how a modern family deals with the death of one of its members." - TeensReadToo.com
"Michaels explores dark themes with ruthless honesty. The narrative is spare, the characters are beautifully portrayed as multifaceted individuals, and the premise is grim and wholly plausible. YA novels about mental illness are not uncommon, but this one of a child who seems anonymous to the outside world, who is never named by the author, and whose fate isn't ultimately wrapped up in a tidy bow will leave readers unsettled. Hand this to teens who like Chris Crutcher and Ellen Hopkins..." - School Library Journal

". . . skillful, deeply disconcerting tale. . . Michaels makes effective use of first-person narration to give readers a highly believable protagonist and a riveting, from-the-trenches look at what it is like to live with a parent who suffers from a serious mental illness. " - Publishers Weekly

"An effective psychological mystery about family and personal identity .... engaging, emotionally authentic voice of a young man struggling to establish an individual identity under extraordinary circumstances ... the novelęs emotional depth under deceptively simple language [is] thought-provoking and worthy of intense conversation." - Assembly on Literature for Adolescents

"Nobel Genes by Rune Michaels is a clever, intriguing, captivating read. I read it in one sitting and will be thinking about it for a long time. The story, the characters, and the writing are equally awesome. I loved it." - James Dashner, author of The Maze Runner

"Expectation meets hard-edged reality in this harrowing, heartbreaking but cautiously hopeful story. Beautifully and sensitively written, it examines the lives of an ill parent and her resourceful son, a boy who will be impossible for readers to forget" - Michael Cart, Booklist columnist, reviewer, and former president of Yalsa.

" . . . sensitive, authentic look at the overwhelming responsibility and heartbreaking love of a boy for his mentally unstable parent." - Booklist

". . . taut and disturbing story. ." - Kirkus

"...very compelling...." - VOYA

"...sad and compelling story..." - Bulletin for the Center for Children's Books