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Reviews for The Reminder

"An outstanding look at the various ways a family cope with the death of their mother. It's incredibly moving, beautifully written, and everyone should read it - teens and adults alike. Top notch."

"Daze's angst and emotional collapse are achingly authentic."
- Children's Literature

"Blending shades of Margaret Peterson Haddix and Ray Bradbury with dark humor, Michaels tackles the mammoth topics of survivor guilt, parental death, alienation, and artificial intelligence in fewer than two hundred pages. The novel's main appeal will lie in Michaels's skillful handling of an uncommunicative family mired in sorrow. Daze's grief and denial are palpable, making her isolation and actions tragic yet oddly understandable."

"Realistic first-person narration draws readers into this short, fast-paced read. The author's use of technology to spark the characters' emotional revelations provides a unique plot element to this part realistic, part science fiction tale."
- School Library Journal

"An intriguing story about loss and survival, with elements of science fiction."
- Booklist

"Depicting mental vulnerability alongside resilience, and packing a real punch with its twist, this is powerful writing"
- Bookseller

"This is a tightly written, poignant story about loss and truth."
- Kliatt

"This is an emotionally heavy story with a bizarre twist  ....the author's sure hand at character development makes Daze's preoccupation sympathetic."
- Bulletin for the Center for Children's Books

"THE REMINDER captures the feelings of loss and mourning perfectly, the gloom that hangs over Daisy's life running through every page. Yet it's far from depressing — it's a story of survival and hope, about living on and letting go. Readers will sympathize with Daisy's struggle, and follow the mystery eagerly to the final page. This is a thoughtful and thought-provoking look at how a modern family deals with the death of one of its members."
The Reminder
Does anyone ever really die?
Daisy, otherwise known as Daze, keeps hearing her dead mother's voice. Sometimes it's because of her dad who likes to watch old home movies when he can't sleep. Sometimes it's because of her brother, who was too young to remember Mom and needs to be reminded by looking at photographs and watching videos. Sometimes it might just be her mind trying to work out what her therapist calls "issues".

But this time, it's none of those things. It's something much more wonderful and much more terrifying, something Daze never thought possible. And it might allow Daze to do what she couldn't years ago: save her mother's life.
The Reminder was partly  inspired by an article in Popular Science (do not click if you wish to avoid a spoiler).


The Reminder was a Junior Library Guild Selection for 2008.
Foreign rights have sold to France.
Young adult novel, US edition, August 2008 / UK edition, November 2008, 192 pages
Atheneum Books for Young Readers / Simon & Schuster